Antonella Genovesio Weddings and Events

Aiming at excellence and perfection.

A one-thousand flavor event, finely planned and carefully carried out, following the steps your senses decide to take.

Refinement, flair and music in perfect harmony, the keynotes of joy played by your desires.

The passionate experience of artists beside you, discretely serving your ambitions.

Histories of cottages, charms of hilltops, sea breezes, countryside scents, snow-white mountains and urban style locations.

Anywhere with us.


Antonella Genovesio is an experienced luxury-wedding planner and event organizer who will help you realize the celebration of your dreams in true Italian style, creating a unique event with more than just a touch of class.

Whether you are visiting our site with your own celebration in mind, or just taking a look around, we hope you will find it informative and inspiring. And if you feel we’d be the right luxury wedding planners for your celebration, we’d love to hear from you…